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The Salto Brothers

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Louie and Jesse were born to a Danish-Swedish mother and a Polish father, in Kathmandu for Louie and in the Bay Area in California for Jesse.

Growing up in the US, Britain and France, they were always making up stories, creating narratives, taking pictures and inventing worlds. It was in high school that they figured out all these could come together and become their profession. With a high school degree, a DV camera and a Mac, they set out to explore and discover the art of filmmaking on their own. After working on shorts in the south of France, they moved to Paris and started working in the industry, doing various work ranging from making-ofs, live shows, corporate videos and music videos, slowly building a body of work that led to them to the international stage.

Since then the duo has built an enviable reel of spots and branded content films for Nissan, Chevy, Mazda, Toyota, Ubisoft, Samsung, Diesel, SNCF, L’Oreal, Audi, and more. Jesse and Louie’s advertising work is defined by meticulously crafted visuals that are both powerful and affecting, but always guided by compelling storytelling.

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