Steve Downer

Steve Downer

During his time as  chief cameraman at Oxford Scientific Films, Steve's talents were sought out by directors such as: Tony Kaye, Danny Kleinman, Daniel Barber & Tarsem to name but a few. 

Many of these Directors left Steve to direct these in-camera SFX sequences for TVC’s for brands such as Gordons Gin, Haagen Dazs, Reebok & Coca Cola, and so it was a natural progression from being one of the World’s leading macro/micro, high speed and time-lapse DOPs to directing for his own, rapidly growing, list of clients seeking out his talents.

Today, Steve is one of the busiest tabletop directors in the world. He also specialises in filming animal behaviour: From the rainforests of Borneo photographing Orang Utan, to the frozen tundra of the Arctic lensing Polar Bears, Steve criss-crosses the globe capturing stunning footage of these increasingly rare creatures.

He is committed & passionate about new technological developments for cameras and lenses and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the visual medium.

For the launch of the VW Golf 7 for Adam & Eve DDB, he built circular rigs that let the camera travel at speeds in excess of 95mph whilst shooting at 18,000 fps.

His impressive list of recent clients include Range Rover, Jaguar, Tiger Beer, VW, L’Or, McDonalds, Samsung and many more.

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