XL Byg

AC Unit - DC


Paddy Power

Husband Removal


Koff Crisp

Good Morning



Clever Choice




Spendser loves a good laugh, you could say he is addicted to it. In his films he is always chasing the timing, the little movement, the inner dialog that makes us smile and recognize our own life, he has a innate understanding of humor, in a good mix of craftsman ship and gut feeling. Spendser says “Humor is what makes you laugh.” He has worked internationally with Clients such as Suzuki, Chrevolet, Honda, VW, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Currys, Ok Gasolin, Bianco footwear, Gumtree, McD, Raiffeisen bank, KOZEL Beer, Outfitter, Wiener insurance , Vaudoise insurance, to name a few. Awards: Cannes Film Festival, True Awards, Creative Circle, The One Show merit, LIA Silver, Eurobest Gold.

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