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A graduate of the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Rob Meltzer is an Emmy award-winning director known for emotional storytelling and beautifully crafted lifestyle spots.  

His poignant online film for Dove Men+Care entitled “Calls for Dad” became a viral sensation, garnering 12 million views on YouTube, which lead Dove to select it to be their 2015 Super Bowl spot. It was ranked on many Super Bowl top ten lists, given an “A” rating by Time Magazine, and shortlisted for a Cannes Lion.  

One of the projects that Rob is most proud of is an online film for Coca-Cola and the RED charity called “Baby Symphony” which features babies from all over the world singing “Ode to Joy”. The film was shared on social media by celebrities including Will Ferrell and Bono, which helped it raise money to fight HIV. The success of the film lead to a sequel in which Rob traveled to Africa to film a story about an HIV positive pregnant mother who walks from her small village to get medication to keep her illness from passing onto her unborn child.  

Rob’s recent Super Bowl spot for St. Elizabeth Hospital entitled “Right Here” won an Emmy in 2019.  

Rob has also directed numerous short documentary films including his Telly Award-winning series, “Give a Little TLC”, which features inspirational stories about ending hunger, stopping bullying, and finding the courage to be yourself.  

Recent clients: Ikea, Coca-Cola, Johnson’s, GSK, Microsoft, AT&T and Olive Garden.  

Rob lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two young children.


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