Luc Reso Janin
Luc Reso Janin

New Balance

Game On. Game Off.

Luc Reso Janin


Your Way

Luc Reso Janin

BT Sport

Four in One

Luc Reso Janin

JD Sports


Luc Reso Janin


Come Clean Big Tobacco

Luc Reso Janin


Summer of Can: Grilling

Known for his hip, urban, youthful imagery, Luc is an award winning, multi-skilled artist and director who works across illustration, graffiti, graphic design, live action, animation and CGI.

In 1989 he did his first “rëso” graffiti in the suburb of Paris where he grew up. After a few encounters with the French authorities, he eventually made an honest living spray painting and went to art schools in Paris. In 2000 he moved to London where he began experimenting with computer graphics as an illustrator and animator. In 2002 Luc started directing animation/live action music videos and commercials in London, then Paris and Los Angeles.

Since then, he pursues both careers in parallel as a director as well as an artist/illustrator and has undertaken a number of campaigns for Pepsi, Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Drambuie, Converse, X-Box, Kit Kat, BBC, and numerous record companies.

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