Katie Bell
Katie Bell

Amazon Alexa

Let the Show Begin

Katie Bell


Noisy Christmas

Katie Bell


Cetaphil Baby

Katie Bell


Optik Age

Katie Bell



Katie Bell

Tiger Biscuits

Bike Cinema

Katie Bell


#mysuperkid - Teaser

Katie’s work is known for its beautiful cinematography, attention to detail and naturalistic

She’s also known for filming with kids and is passionate about getting the most natural moments from
all cast whatever their age.

Her route to commercials comes via a Graphic Design degree at Middlesex University, London,
followed by MTV Europe and many years of directing music videos all over the world.
In her commercial work she has collaborated with brands such as American Airlines, Butcher’s,
Pokémon, Amazon, Kinder, John Lewis, AXA, KLM, Dove, Etihad Airways, Persil, Listerine, B&Q,
Wickes, Pampers, Huggies, Danone, Eurostar, Scholl, Kraft, Muller, Walmart, Minute-Maid and
NSPCC to name a few.

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