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Jonathan Hopkins is a filmmaker and storyteller who lives in Frome, Somerset. His work is dedicated to enriching our relationship with nature.

Jonathan’s love affair with storytelling began in the medium of film. His very first short Goodbye Mr. Snuggles was selected for the Sundance Film Festival and the New Directors Showcase at Cannes. His work has garnered multiple awards and nominations and he has directed hundreds of campaigns for brands such as Sony, eBay, Lay’s, McDonalds, Cadbury’s and Mastercard. His commercial for Yeo Valley is regularly voted in the top 10 British advertisements of the 21st century. His debut feature Slumber, a horror produced by Goldcrest Films, was released in 2018 and his latest feature projects, Unify and Hope Falls are being produced through Boxfly Media.

In 2020 Jonathan set up Celestial, the world’s first drone display company that combines advanced technology with breathtaking organic performance. Pulling down the stars, Celestial uses the night sky as a new medium through which to tell stories and create a shared sense of wonder.

Jonathan is the founder of Dragon Walks, a holistic walking company that guides people on ancient Ley Lines. By retracing the steps and remembering the stories of our ancestors, Dragon Walks reconnects people with the land and themselves.

He is also a trustee of the Mama Upendo Children’s Trust, a charity that cares for orphans in Kenya.

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