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Ibon Landa

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KIROLAK (trailer)

Spanish director Ibon Landa began his award-winning career as an acclaimed Art Director at BBDO. 

At 27 he decided to make the leap into the world of directing and signed with one of Spain’s leading Production Companies. From here he expanded his repertoire shooting commercials, short films and music videos, often combining them with animation which has always been one of his passions.

In recent years his role as a Director gained momentum and he quickly gained recognition at numerous international festivals including El Sol, Laus, BFFF and with various quality seals from Vimeo Staff Picks. 

Ibon’s work covers multiple styles and disciplines, from strong editing and lifestyle work to seamless CG, which makes up part of his signature look. A powerful narrative ability underpins this, as can be seen in his recent short film Kirolak which retains the viewer until a slightly disturbing end, and picked up a Gold at the LAUS 2020 festival along the way. 

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